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Writing the Best SoP for Australian Student Visa

Why Is Your SoP for Australia Student Visa So Important?

If you want to study inside Australia from overseas then you will have to complete your student visa application and have it approved. This means providing all of the information that they are looking for honesty and to a high standard. Giving them the best SoP for Australian student visa application is vital if you are to explain fully your motivation and reasons for studying in the country. Australia offers a high standard of education and is now the third largest destination for overseas students to study in English in the UK and the US. With friendly natives and a laid back diverse society, you can be sure that you will have a relaxed time studying in Australia. Like writing a SoP for Canadian visa your statement for Australia must cover everything that is required of you. Our experts’ services have been helping students coming to Australia to provide convincing and effective documentation that will support their applications effectively. Our specialists know just how your application needs to be completed.

help to write the best sop for australian student visa

Where Should You Study in Australia

Before you write your SoP for Australia student visa you must have already been accepted to study at one of the many excellent universities in the country. Selecting the right university if important if you want to receive the level of education that you need. The following are some of the top universities in the country that you may want to attend:

  • University of Melbourne: ranked number 1 in Australia this university has been around since 1853 and offers a truly high level of education no matter where you may be from. Around 29% of the students here are from overseas.
  • University of Wollongong: based in New South Wales this university is ranked 2nd in the country and has over 40% of its students from overseas. It works globally with many other universities on its research projects.
  • RMIT University: keeping in sync with this list the university is ranked third in Australia and has some 45% of its population from outside of the country. With students from more than 100 countries enrolled you will enjoy a truly international feel at this institution.
  • Monash University: ranked within the world top 100 and 7th in Australia this university boasts some 35% of its students from overseas. It boasts more applicants than any other university in the state of Victoria.
  • Curtin University: with a campus in Perth this university hosts 30% of its students from overseas. It is a global university with other locations in Singapore and Malaysia.

What Is Required for Your Australian Student Visa?

Applying for your student visa will require that you provide all of the following information and documentation:

  • Form 157A the Australian student visa application form
  • Biodata section of your passport / your passport in some cases
  • Offer letter from the university you wish to attend
  • Clear evidence to demonstrate you have sufficient funds for your studies
  • English test results (TOEFL or IELTS)
  • Health insurance coverage
  • Check off your criminal record
  • Passport photographs x 4
  • Visa fee: Au$550

best sop for australian student visa structure

Writing the Best SoP for Australian Student Visa

Your statement of purpose for Australia student visa must cover everything that the Department of Immigration and Border protection expects to see. This will include:

  • The courses and the university that you wish to study at.
  • The reasons for selecting that university and the program of study.
  • Why you wish to do further study in Australia and not your home country.
  • What your educational goals are within the country.
  • What your future career plans and goals are. Would you make your career in your home country or elsewhere?
  • Where would you intend to stay when studying?
  • How will you fund your studies? What are your economic circumstances back home?
  • Explain any gaps in your career or education of more than 6 months.

You should be prepared to provide evidence to back up any statements that you may make your statement of purpose for Australian student visa applications. The following are some tips for writing the SoP for Australia study visa:

  • Look at a good statement of purpose sample for Australia student visa writing so that you see how others have approached this task.
  • Use language that is simple formal English that anyone can understand.
  • Don’t make any statements that are unsubstantiated. Provide evidence and examples to back up anything you say.
  • Talk about yourself and your plans, not about others or unrelated issues.
  • Include professional interests if they are relevant to your application.
  • Keep your writing concise and to the point.

sop for australia student visa common mistakes

What to avoid when writing your sop for Australian visa applications:

  • Don’t simply copy a sample statement of purpose for Australian student visa applications. Your SoP must be unique to you and about you.
  • Do not write in text speak, use slang, acronyms, or try to use overly complicated words.
  • Never lie within your statement: if discovered your application will be over.
  • Don’t forget to proofread and edit your statement if you are to convince the selectors that you are serious.

Why Work with Us for Your Statement of Purpose for Student Visa Australia

Whether you just want to see a sample statement of purpose or need help with writing your sop for Australian student visa applications our service is the one to select. We have been helping students from India and elsewhere with their university and visa applications for many years. Our staff fully understand just what works within your statement and how to make a real impact with your application to ensure your chances of selection are improved.

All of our writing and editing help is provided through postgraduate degree qualified specialists that are fully dedicated to your success. Work is unique, delivered on time and always proofread to ensure that it is free of any potential issues. With a  full satisfaction guarantee or your money back there really is no reason not to use our highly professional and affordable services today.

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