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Help with Writing CV for Internship in India

The Importance of a Good CV for an Internship

Gaining a good internship position in India is not going to be an easy task. You will be competing against many other students that will be just as well qualified academically as you are. So your application will need to be something special if you are to be noticed by the person responsible for selections. Your CV for internship in India, therefore, must clearly show your perfect suitability for the position available.

Writing that perfect CV for internship for freshers in India is going to take a lot of hard work and should not be underestimated. You will be facing a huge amount of competition for a place so it is vital that you put in the work to ensure that your internship CV is going to make you stand out as a perfect choice. Our professional help and advice have been supporting applicants for many years. We are confident that you will be a success if you follow what we have to say.

proper cv format for internship in india

Where to Write Your CV for Internship in India For

Writing a student CV for internship needs to be always tailored specifically to the position that you are applying to. A CV for engineering students internship will be very different to that written to work in a bank for instance. You will also need to tailor it to the specific company as every one will have very specific expectations from you. Only by making your CV match what they want to see will you be able to demonstrate your suitability for the potential employer in your destination country. The following are some of the top companies that offer excellent internship opportunities:

  • Britannia: with head offices in Bengaluru this highly successful food-product corporation is one of the best places to gain an internship. Not only will you gain a large amount of worthwhile experience the best intern could also win a sizable cash sum.
  • American Express: if you want to work with a truly global company then you should look no further than here. They offer many internships that not only offer an excellent experience to those selected but also high remuneration.
  • PayPal: if you fancy working with the internet’s biggest payment company to learn the ropes then this is your opportunity. This internet giant hires interns that will get the opportunity to work just as a regular employee would within the company.
  • ITC: a huge Indian conglomerate that covers many different industries from IT and agriculture to FMCGs and packaging. Within this company, there are many high paying internship opportunities to suit almost all job areas.
  • Microsoft: if you want to be the next Bill Gates why not learn within his company. The company highly values its internship program and they are always on the lookout for young talent to join their teams.
  • BMW: if you are polishing up your CV for engineering internship what better place is there to work than this German automotive giant. Their Future Talent Programmes want to seek out and employ some of the engineers for tomorrow.

How to Write That Perfect CV for Summer Internship

Writing a good CV to apply for internship at any company in India is going to take time and require research. Relying on sending the same CV to every application is not going to find you a place reliably. Every internship is looking for different capabilities and interests and as such your resume should always be written carefully to reflect those expectations.

cv for internship in india writing tips

So if you are serious about gaining a place you should follow the advice that we list below:

  • Tailor your resume: review the requirements for the internship to identify precisely what they are looking for in a good applicant. Make a list of the specific skills and other qualities that they are looking for so that you can be sure they are reflected in your CV.
  • Demonstrate your skills clearly: don’t just simply say you are an excellent leader. If you are, give a clear example of when you used that skill and what you managed to achieve using it. Always illustrate your achievements and quantify them if possible.
  • Use skills learned from areas other than the classroom. Such as summer work, volunteering, and other extracurricular activities.
  • Use short sharp sentences that get straight to the point in your CV. You are not writing an academic essay, easy to read bullets are far more effective.
  • Only include truly relevant information within your CV. If it is not relevant to the application remove it as otherwise it is only serving as clutter.
  • Use simple language that anyone can understand. You want the reader to quickly see what you have to offer not try to impress them with big words.
  • Use a simple and clear format that is easy to read and directs the eye straight to the information that they will be looking for.

internship cv common mistakes

What to Avoid in Your CV for Internship India

Your CV for internship in Engineering must be able to impress on the reader your suitability for the job. To do this you must avoid all of the following:

  • Never submit a resume that is cluttered and untidy as it will simply fail to get the message across.
  • Never use any form of decoration or illustration: you want the reader to be looking at what you have written not admiring your artistic ability.
  • Never use acronyms, slang or text style writing within your CV. Only use formal everyday English.
  • Avoid any form of cliché or plagiarism. Your resume should be unique to you.

6 Content Tips on How to Make CV for Internship in India Perfect

You are supposed to avoid missing these 6 tips for writing the best CV for internship. Keep every tip in your mind.

  • When writing, it is suggested to keep the text work concise. Avoid long-tail sentences.
  • It is better that you focus on adding meaningful content i.e. skills, qualification and strengths.
  • Do not add the sentences or use the word repeatedly.
  • While formatting, you have to sit in a peaceful place. Get the best CV format for internship in India.
  • Make sure that the size of the font, style and proper justification has been done before making the final draft.
  • Limit the number of words to 500 to 600. It is necessary to do.

These are the six main tips that would help you out in composing the excellent CV for success in landing a desired job. You also have to focus on these points for the best job application writing experience.

Work with Our Specialists for Your Internship CV

Your CV for an internship in India can be a difficult document to write and one that takes far longer than most expect. Our specialist services, however, can help you. From providing a sample statement of purpose to writing an outstanding CV our experts can support you. We match you with a proven expert in your field of application to ensure that you will always work with someone that has the experience and the knowledge to ensure that your resume will be finished perfectly.

All of our student CV for internship writing is done from scratch according to your needs and will always be carefully moulded to reflect just what the recruiter wants to see. We write only unique CVs that are delivered on time and carefully proofread so that there are no errors.

Contact our specialist services here today to write the perfect CV for internship in India so that you will have the best chance of selection.