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Application Letter for Internship: Dos and Don’ts

Why Is Your Application for Internship Letter So Important?

Internships are highly popular as they are an excellent way to gain experience as well as showing your commitment to your field. But getting onto one is not easy. They are limited in number and many students want to get on one. So you will have to compete to gain a place. So along with your resume for engineering internship, your application letter for internship has got to make you stand out. Being able to write an internship application letter that will get you noticed is not a simple task. Many applicants miss out on a real opportunity to get the full attention of the recruiter and simply submit a simple generic covering letter with their application. A well-written covering letter for MCA internship will make your application noticeable.

Whether you are applying for an MEA internship or DGFT internship in India our experts fully understand how your application needs to be crafted. Through our support, you can gain all of the professional help and advice that you will ever need to create a covering letter that will make you truly stand out from your competition.

best internship application letter for engineering students help

When Do You Need an Application Letter for Internship?

It is good practice to always include a covering letter even if it is not asked for. Many recruiters will reject applications that do not include one as it shows that the applicant is not as interested in the post as those that did.

Not including your letter is also a huge missed opportunity. A well-written covering letter will clearly point out just why the recruiter needs to consider you in a way that is highly targeted to the role advertised. Well written your cover letter for internship application can make a huge impact on your chances of being the one selected for an interview.

Where Should You Apply for Your Internship?

The importance of choosing the right internship cannot be underestimated. You need to get onto a program where you will truly get the experience that you are looking for. Hopefully within a company that many will know and respect. The following are a few of the companies that you could apply to for your work experience in India and other countries:

  • Deutsche Bank: if you want to get involved in global banking then this company offers you a wide range of experiences. It also offers some of the highest paying internships if you are motivated by money.
  • Goldman Sachs: these are one of the world’s biggest investment bankers and they offer internships in all forms. From a few weeks upwards you can get your foot in the door to learn from the best.
  • Cisco: if you want to learn about the cutting edge in networking and telecommunications then this US owned company is one of the best to apply to.
  • Adobe: everyone is aware of the software that this company supplies. So being able to be involved in software research and development here is a real opportunity that will look excellent on your resume in the future.
  • Shell: one of the largest oil companies in the world, working as an intern at Shell will give you many insights into how the industry works and could even land you with a job with them after your placement.
  • Morgan Stanley: the company offers a 10-week long internship program that will get you familiarized with its investment banking operations. Working with one of the most respected companies in this field will give you the opportunity to work on real projects.
  • Amazon: don’t think that getting into this well-known company is going to be easy at all. They have a grueling interview process for those that get through. But then many of their top execs were once interns.
  • Tata Motors: a premier Indian company with global ambitions an internship here lasts two months over the summer. You will get to learn the true difference between theory and practice.

application letter for internship writing tips

How to Write the Best Cover Letter for Internship Application

Writing that application letter for internship engineering or for a CCI internship does not have to be too hard if you approach it in the right way. The main emphasis of your letter must be to clearly show just how perfect a match you are for the internship that you are applying to. This means that your letter must always be tailored precisely to the program that you are applying to. To write an effective internship application letter for engineering students or any other field simply follow this advice:

  • Use a formal business letter template for your letter and ensure that the page is clean and well laid out.
  • Find out exactly who you should address the letter to. If it is not on the website then a phone call or email should be able to get you the information that you need.
  • Your opening paragraph should make it clear what you’re applying for and who you are.
  • For the main body of the letter tailor the content perfectly: review the specific requirements of the internship to see exactly what they are looking for in an applicant. You need to ensure that you are able to reflect maybe 3 to 5 of the most important skills and qualifications within the main body of your letter. These can come from areas such as:
  • Your extracurricular experiences
  • Past work experience
  • Academic achievements
  • Community work
  • Demonstrate the skills and experience that they are looking for: don’t simply state that you are a “born leader”, you must illustrate that you are through a short and concise example that demonstrates that skill to the reader.
  • Use the language that they use in your writing. Look for the keywords that they will scan for within their listing and ensure that you reflect those words within your own main body.
  • Closing paragraph, thank them and let them know that you will follow up your application after a week or so.
  • Provide them with your correct contact information. Ensure that phone numbers are up to date and do not use an email address that is inappropriate in any way. You want to provide a professional feel to your application.
  • Edit your letter very carefully. Is there a better way that you could have said anything within your letter that would make it more effective? Would you hire yourself if you read the letter?
  • Proofread: simple mistakes should always be avoided. Allowing them to slip through says that maybe you did not care enough about this application.

help to write an internship application letter

How Can We Help Write Your Internship Application Letter

Your internship application letter for engineering students must be tailored accordingly and we are the service to help you achieve this. We don’t simply provide you with a highly generic off the shelf letter that could have been written for anyone. Our experts will work with you to understand just what the program is looking for and how you match those requirements.
They support you to ensure that your writing is perfectly tailored to an application and done from scratch. There is no copying and your letter will fully reflect what you want to be written in a way that is going to make you stand out. If you are not happy with anything written in your covering letter or how it is formatted then simply talk to your expert who will make any required changes until you are satisfied that the letter is perfect for submission with your resume.

Benefits of Using Our Internship Application Services

Whether you need a statement of purpose for internship, a well-written resume, or that attention-grabbing covering letter we can help you. Our experts work with you for the best possible results allowing us to provide you:

  • On time delivery of your letter ensuring your application is made promptly
  • Experts that have many years of intern recruitment experience and hold postgraduate degrees
  • Perfect English for your letters
  • Proofreading provided free of charge so there are no mistakes in your letter
  • Plagiarism testing so that you can confirm your letter is unique to you
  • Confidential support in every way
  • Guaranteed satisfaction or your money back

Make your application letter for internship effective by using the support of our perfectly qualified and highly effective experts.